Fixing instead of throwing Remade Network

They say you can’t fix what’s already broken, but what if you can? 

Imagine if we all had an option to fix what was broken instead of just automatically throwing it away knowing how easy it was to get a new one. our landfill would thank us for it. 

Clothing, bags, record players, phones, tablets, hair straighteners and so much more. All these items do not usually get recycled and just end up on the heap. 

The BBC authored a story on a shop in Glasgow and the impact it has made on the local people. It is always busy so can only mean that everyone is on board with this idea and would much rather fix stuff rather than throwing it away. I would not have a clue how to fix a broken hairdryer, but I would get it fixed it if was fixable.  

Would it not be amazing if every town had one of these? 

You can see the article here 

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