Love Welcomes

These amazing people are not only recycling and upcycling old items into new, but they are also helping refugee women get on their feet and learn new skills.  

Love welcome’s is a social enterprise that upcycles used Life jackets into beautifully hand-woven welcome mats and other lovely items such as clothing and cushions. It also creates jobs and independence for refugee women needing to support their families.  

“Our team of refugee women upcycle materials into beautiful, handmade home products that we sell all over the world. We think big and change one life at a time” 

Love Welcomes states that it does three things: 

1) Provide training and skills to women currently living in the refugee camps in Greece. This process improves self worth and support to the women and provides valuable skills for the future. 

2) Employ refugee women in different locations to create beautiful Love Welcomes products. These women are given a liveable wage and a safe and supportive work environment.  

3) Provide additional support to refugee communities currently living in camps; this includes access to health and legal support, mother and baby supplies, nutritious food and support for micro businesses.  

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