Cozy Garden Features

John and I started Cozy Garden Features 5-6 years ago after inheriting a lot of Teapots and Cup and Saucers from my Mother-in-law and didn’t want to get rid of them. We are keen Bird lovers and have a hedgehog highway into our garden so making them into Garden Features was the way to go. My husband makes everything we sell and I do the admin side. We have lived in Somerset all our lives and after taking early retirement from being a Palliative Care Nursing Assistant, I looked at starting a on-line shop selling Teapot Birdhouses and Cup and Saucer Bird Feeders. All the wood we use is from well managed forests and has a FSC label. I use mostly paper for packaging but if I do use any plastic its reused or recycled bubble wrap. I go around my local shops and collect used bubble wrap as it saves on my packaging costs which I pass onto the customer and saves my local shops having disposal costs. 

Thanks for looking

Lesley and John

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