Lois Gunn Jewellery

Loïs lives in South East Kent close to the sea and Margate. She has always been captured by the beauty of nature, the ocean, mythical creatures and finding treasure.  

Treasure comes in many forms, whether it be beautiful shells and sea glass on the beach, her mother and grandmother’s vintage jewellery or that of the ancient Egyptians – whose magic captured her imagination at an early age. 

Objects capture and represent feelings, memories and emotions. Our innate interest in seeking beauty in objects and using them to focus our minds on ideas and messages we value provides a constant source of inspiration.  

Loïs’s designs all flow from these passions and the notion that her items will be sentimental and treasured in the same way for years to come.  

Preloved glass bottles and recycled silver and gold form the majority of Loïs’s materials making it as sustainable as possible

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