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How it works

Browse the street, once you see something you like, you will get friendly directions in the form of a link through to that person or companies selling page along with a bit of blurb about the people behind it,, where in the world they are or what materials they use. If you would like to mention your products or creations in the Street, then please visit the post office for information on how to get in touch.  

This website is built with love and is very new, so please be patient as the street grows and the shops get filled with new sellers. ‘Rome wasn’t built in day’

A little bit about me

When I was a little girl, I was lucky enough to grow up in a toy shop called Rumpelstiltskin. Everyone loved visiting it, it was just as magical for ‘grown ups’ as it was for me. The shop was filled from floor to ceiling with every toy you can imagine, big and small. A doll’s house filled the entirety of one of the walls and I remember saving up my pocket money to collect the teeny bottles of wine, breads, and toilet paper! (Roblux didn’t exist back then!) Me and our cat Oliver would often sit in the shop window, I would watch the world go by and Oliver would sleep from the warmth of the sun shining through the glass, often being mistaken for a toy cat to buy. I have never been in a shop like it since.

Fast forward 40 (ish) years and the world is a very different place, on-line and convenience shopping has taken over and The High Street is sadly disappearing because of this. Unfortunately, the Pandemic has also had a big part to play in taking away that community feel and unique shopping experience it once was.

I now live in North Devon with my family, I work in the holiday industry and my partner is a decorator. Being greener and as plastic free as possible has always been important to me, but it was only when we got our rescue dog Rango that I really noticed how bad the plastic pollution really was. Visits to the beach now consist of plucking old crisp packets that were munched decades ago out of the sand dunes and little plastic army men with nibbled limbs from passing hungry fish. Luckily, there are a lot of people round here that help keep our beaches clean but with each new tide a fresh load of rubbish is washed up.

Me & Rango

I had this idea of creating an on-line High Street that will stand the test of time. Shops filled with independent artists and creators making amazing things from recycled and upcycled materials all in one place. Bringing everyone together in one Street that share the same values in reusing and looking after our planet and making it easy for the conscious shopper to find better alternatives. I genuinely get excited when I stumble across someone new making something cool out of what would otherwise ended up in the BIN.

If we all share our greener swops, purchases and ways of doing things, the little changes we individually make will ripple-effect across the world and eventually we will become a nation of ‘BIN THINKERS”

Honesty Disclaimer

Occasionally if a small business uses a larger site to sell their products and I can use an affiliate link through to their page I will. This will pay me a tiny commission that will help me towards the running costs of this website and my time promoting it. This does not affect the profit the seller makes or the price that you pay, its merely for sending you the shopper, their way.  

 All purchases that the buyer makes with the vendor is between those two parties. 

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